2024 WonderPlay Brands Owners' Franchisee Conference

WonderPlay Brands recently held its Second Annual Owner’s Conference in the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina. The conference kicked off with an exciting presentation by Mike Conlon, WonderPlay Brands’ COO, who delivered an inspiring State of the Company address, discussing company achievements, territory openings for 2024 and franchise system results.

Following this, Lara Olson, CEO of WonderPlay Brands, provided an insightful presentation on Embracing Choice and Shaping Your Destiny, shedding light on the company’s future plans. 

The conference also featured engaging roundtable discussions where franchisees collaborated and exchanged best practices, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and a drive for growth and excellence. This facilitated the sharing of insights, tips, and strategies. The discussions encompassed a wide range of topics, from day-to-day operations to effective communication strategies, resulting in a vibrant exchange of ideas aimed at enhancing the success of their franchises.



One of the standout moments was the introduction of a new STEAM project. The KidScientific class saw franchisees enthusiastically participate in creative exploration. Franchisees enthusiastically joined in the creation of their own foam Gumdrop Monsters. Moreover, our corporate team facilitated a hands-on art activity that encouraged franchisees to embrace a new summer project, encouraging them to work together and provide suggestions for the new project.

After a fun scavenger hunt throughout the host city of Charleston and the second conference day, the event came to an end with its celebratory dinner. The fun dinner and awards ceremony, celebrated all Kidcreate franchisees and we all applauded the achievements of the award winners.

This successful event promises further growth for WonderPlay Brands’ network of franchisees and serves as a valuable platform for current owners to strengthen relationships and gain insights for the journey ahead. WonderPlay Brands extends its gratitude to all the franchisees and looks forward to the next conference!