How to Become a WonderPlay Studio Franchise Owner

Are you intrigued by the idea of becoming a WonderPlay Franchise Owner? Have you selected one or more of our brands? Excellent! Let me guide you through a concise overview of our Discovery Process and what lies ahead.

Within the first few weeks of your Discovery Process, we encourage you to join our WonderPlay Brands Webinar. Here, you’ll gain deeper insights into the WonderPlay brand, available franchise models, our support and marketing programs, and more. It’s an ideal platform to address any queries you might have concerning the franchising process as you embark on this journey. WonderPlay offers two diverse franchise options with four complimentary brands, allowing you to choose those that align best with your vision and goals.

The first step is qualification. You’ll begin by filling out a questionnaire, providing us with essential information about yourself, including if you have enough capital to be eligible for funding for the WonderPlay brand or brands you are interested in. Once you qualify, we’ll look forward to sharing more in-depth information about WonderPlay, including our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Moreover, we’ll arrange regular calls to foster a deeper understanding of our brands and cover all aspects of what it takes to be a WonderPlay franchisee. These sessions will serve as an opportunity for you to ask questions and delve further into our system, the industry, and the key factors contributing to our success.

As part of the educational process, you’ll do your own market research, a vital component of the learning process. This aids in understanding the viability of your market and the potential for your business. You’ll also gain a clearer comprehension of how our real estate selection process functions and how our construction support can be of assistance. The market research will enable you to grasp the full potential of your business and make well-informed decisions for your future.

A key element to our Discovery Process is your call with our Founder. Consider this an executive interview where our founder, Lara Olson, will ask you questions crucial to your future success as a WonderPlay Franchisee, and you will have the opportunity to ask Lara questions, important to you as you finalize your goals and next steps with WonderPlay Brands. 

If you demonstrate promise in the above areas, we’ll extend an invitation for you to visit Minnesota for our Discovery Day. This event grants you the opportunity to meet our corporate team, tour one of our studios, and spend valuable time with our founder. It’s an excellent occasion to deepen your understanding of our operations and explore how we can collaborate. We sincerely hope you’ll seize this opportunity to foster a closer relationship with us. We eagerly anticipate your visit to Minnesota!

Within 72 hours of your Discovery Day, we’ll arrange to have a Decision Day phone call with you to ensure that our expectations are aligned and to discuss any remaining details. At this time your decision to join the WonderPlay family will be made and the goal is to plan your Sign By Day two weeks from Decision Day where we hope you will officially join the WonderPlay family!